Shannon Klaft, EnlightenMENTE’s founder, is an international leadership coach and strengths consultant, mother, wife, foodie, yogi, coffee lover, house renovator, avid reader, and visionary dedicated to creating a more deliberate society.

She has traveled to 35 countries observing how various cultures survive and prosper and has served in roles in 4 countries. Her global view gives her a unique perspective on the topic of thriving and serves as the basis of her Commit to Thrive Program.

Shannon takes high achievers and leaders on a transformational journey to truly know and activate their strengths. She helps them figure out what they truly want and create a plan to get closer and closer to the life they intend. Her clients find clarity, focus, organization and motivation that they have been longing for, while freeing up space, time and energy for the things they care about most.

Throughout her life, Shannon had always been a high achiever, pushing herself to the maximum.  She hit a point when she realized that with “life’s demands” piled on top of her never ending list of goals, she was destined to feel overwhelmed and burnt out forever. She knew that she was stuck on the “treadmill of life” and that it was time to get clear, strategic, and focused about what mattered most.

She started challenging years of conditioning to live and act a certain way and performed a drastic declutter of all areas of life. From that point forward, she was dedicated to designing a life of autonomy, leveraging her true passions, and being a leader of her own life as an entrepreneur.

Shannon believes getting rid of all forms of clutter is necessary to attract the life you intend and has experienced endless proof that clutter-free living fuels manifestation. Through the creation of EnlightenMENTE and its programs and courses, Shannon has been able to leverage her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, Master’s of the Art of Teaching, as well as her certifications in Health Promotion, Leadership and Strengths Based Coaching.

She is thrilled to be part of the journey of those who are ready to commit to thrive and create a more deliberate society filled with more intentional people.

Ruben Barahona

“EnlightenMENTE Is awesome, I highly recommend its services to anyone looking to build a successful business team among your employees. They provide you with tools to get to know your strengths and areas or opportunity to improve efficiency and successful communication..”

Leah Cecil

“I can’t recommend Shannon enough! I started coaching with her in January and the journey has been great. We have dived into so many topics and I’ve learned so much about myself! She has been amazing to work with!”

Tresa Murphy

“I thoroughly enjoyed her coaching as a way to achieve more clarity around my personal and professional goals and to be reminded of what is going well and what incentives I can use to leverage further success.”


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